Urgent Donation Appeal for Arvindkumar Hariprasad Joshi
We would like to request all family members who r living here,my father his name is Arvindkumar Hariprasad Joshi, he is suffering from major stroke and he is in sunshine intensive care, yes we do have insurance but intensive care one day expense $6000, insurance cover only less than 50% amount only for 7 days and moreover I do not know how long they keep him,after 7 days we have to pay whole $6000 by ourself everyday.

Please we are requesting valuable member to help as much they can.We hearty request to donate at least small amount.

Name:- Unnatiben & Jugal joshi
BSB:- 012347
Account :-381421094

Thank you🙏🏻
Kind regards,
Jugal joshi
Unnatiben joshi