We wish to thankful and express our heartfelt gratitude to all our members who have extremely generously and contributed towards extending the help to Late Arvind Joshi Uncle’s Family.
By using the Gujarati Helpline Australia Organisation and thank you for having a trust on us. We have hereby furnished the details of the total fund received to our account via Facebook campaign is $9035.30 after all deductions of fees by FB
Moreover as per the family of Late Arvind Uncle’s also got donations directly to their account around $7000 but we are still waiting for exact amount confirmation because they are at overseas. As we are NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANISATION and due to our limitations we can’t transfer donation amount to directly joshi family account. So we have requested joshi family members to send invoices of funeral and other hospital expenses.
After all communication with joshi family we have received one funeral invoice amount $3229 which we have paid on (26/08/19). Also we have paid for Western Health Sunshine Hospital half invoice $5800 from total $9343. So, All together we have paid total $9229. Our transparency policy is to saw you the final all documents and it will be on all social media and our website as usual.
Once again we appreciate each of our members who donated and your kindness and moral support help to Joshi’s family. If it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you, we wouldn’t have been able to do this noble deed. So thank you for contributing towards the funds that we needes to help Late Arvind Uncle’s Family.

Please note: All people working for this organisation are volunteers and hence find time from their busy schedules to help uplift the Gujarati community. Since your donations were used for funeral of Late Arvind Joshi Uncle and hence were definitely channeled towards a great cause and help. Also at the same time we sincerely thank our volunteers who devoted their time, expertise and skills to make this happen.

TOTAL EXPENSES OF Late Arvind Joshi Uncle
$3229 Funeral
$9343.45 Sunshine Hospital
-$3325-Werribee Hospital
– Joshi Family Bank Account -$13729
– Gujarati Helpline Australia Bank Account – $9035
– Funeral $3229
– Sunshine Hospital $5800

help@allinonegujarati.org.au , 038316 2508 Follow our official Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/GujaratiHelplineAustralia/

If you wish to enquire, verify or confirm any further about the donations and the help extended from All In One Helpline Ltd then kindly contact Late Arvind Joshi Uncle’s Family on following Numbers and email. Below attached are documents related to the noble cause for your reference.  Unnati Joshi (Daughter in Law of Arvind uncle 0451 357 759) joshi_unnati143@yahoo.co.in