Alpeshkumar Patel was an International student who drowned near the breakwater at Semaphore beach after taking part in the Holi festival function in Adelaide. Alpeshkumar Patel, 25, is survived by his wife Shweta, who was living with him at Enfield  and parents who are living in Ahmadabad , India. He was the only son of the family. He studied at the University of South Australia and, more recently, an IT course through Victoria’s Federation University. He was a enthusiast and a very helpful person in the local community. His Demise is a very big loss to his Family and Friends.

Accepting the loss a family member to a tragic accident is never easy. We at All in One Gujarati helpline regret and extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Alpeshkumar. It is in these hard times that we need to come together as a Community and ease the burden of his Family and also do all that is in our Power and Capacity to help them in each and every way that we possibly can.

We can’t single-handedly change their financial situation and hence request and urge all our members and viewers to kindly contribute towards this noble cause. No amount is Big or Small, each drop contributes to make an Ocean. All help extended will be accounted for and the details will be available to the contributors.

All in One Gujarati Helpline Limited is a not for profit organisation and is run by volunteers willing to help the community. All donations received by all individuals will be published on our website and you shall also receive a receipt for the donation. Information pertaining the use of these funds will also be made available in due course. Let’s make a positive difference and help the family get through these tough times.