For Gujarati's......By Gujarati's......Of Gujarati's

We, Gujaratis ARE the most helpful community of India. History has time and again proven to the whole of India that the most successful business community of India also has the most compassionate heart. We hereby, wish to shout out to all Gujaratis in Australia to follow the same compassion for our brothers and sisters in Australia and have a will to help selflessly. A help is a solution to someone else’s  problem. A help is without any personal motive. A help is a way to show the compassion and kindness within your soul. Gujaratis in Australia are new to this country and there are new Gujarati migrants to this country all the time, including our wifes, parents, brothers, sisters, friends and family. They need direction to settle down and also a helping hand to wade through different circumstances in life. All in One Gujarati is one such attempt to connect Gujaratis everywhere in Australia and make some difference to theirs and our lives in whatever big or small way possible. I invite you as a Gujarati to join this noble cause and help any and every Gujarati lead a better life in Australia. This is our dream and this can only succeed with support from all of you. This is a not-for profit organization and has been set-up with no personal motives in mind.


``Join Our Hands And Give Hands to Others``
Our Purpose

  • The “Gujarati Helpline Australia” is an initiative of 15000 Volunteers members all over Australia who are helping each other every day to our Gujarati community in Australia.
  • Kindly inform you that we are connecting volunteer Gujarati members who willing to help each other for Jobs, Accommodation, Event, News, Sports, Religious, Promote/Advertise small Business, Buy or Sell goods, Suggestion, Emergency, New Arrival & Student supports, Parents or social gathering. Our vision/mission is to connect Gujarati’s in Australia. So, benefit will be wider and more effectively. Our goal is to Help, Support & Promote each other for make Gujarati community stronger.
  • We are successful Volunteer Gujarati organisation with more than 15000 volunteer members in 🇦🇺AUSTRALIA (NSW, VIC, SA, QLD, WA, ACT & TASMANIA). Our vision is to connect 80000 Gujarati’s in Australia. In this group everyone volunteer and It is great that everyone has unite understanding about helping in the Gujarati community as a responsible person. This is our dream and this can only succeed with support from all of you. This is a free service and has been set-up with no personal motives in mind.
  • To help our children excel in various fields by promoting a healthy environment and by teaching moral values. To help our elders assimilate within the broader Australian community by understanding Australian way of life, embracing the diversity and lifestyle, the English language and computers.
  • To promote the Hindu family system and create brotherhood and promote family values by utilising community members to help reduce family related problems.

  • Any event, objective that relates to the upliftment and development of cultural ties within and between the Gujarati community of Australia and to provide a platform to all Gujaratis to further their community service related objectives by bringing forth ideas, implementing them and receive support for such activities through the use of this platform.

    • Alpesh Patel’s Family (2015 in Adelaide)
    • Dharmesh Patel’s Family (2016 in Perth)
    • Salvi Patel’s Family (2017 in Perth)
    • Maulin Rathod’s Family (Melbourne in 2018)


Blood Donation

Social Gathering

Personal Well Being

Senior Citizen Activities

Gujarati Language Classes

Emergency Help

Hinduism & Gujarati Culture Awareness

Child Upbringing Moral Values

Employment & Accommodation

Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda Session

Student & New Immigrants Arrivals Support